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Missing Link 4 - First New Team Mate by IceHeartTheWarrior Missing Link 4 - First New Team Mate by IceHeartTheWarrior
We gave Professor Oak his package. When I asked what it was, Gary stormed in, talking about how much stronger his Squirtle had gotten.

Professor Oak smiled. He gave us each a PokeDex (whatever that is) and 5 PokeBalls.

Gary smirked at me and ran out, saying something about getting a map from Daisy. I followed him out and saw him run into a house. I waited by a tree and waited for him to leave town before going inside. Never had to knock in Hyrule. I apparently don’t need to knock here.

The girl sitting at a table smiled at me. “Hello, Link. Let me guess: Grandpa told you to catch Pokemon, too?” I nodded. “Alright then. You can take this map; it’ll help you find towns and routes easier.”

I took it and smiled. I guess this is Daisy,I thought. “Thanks, Daisy.” She smiled as I walked out.

Mijaru and I left Pallet Town again. The first Pokey thingy we ran into was a Cucco like thing. Mijaru weakened her a bit and told me to throw a PokeBall at it. I did so, a red beam coming out of the ball and engulfing the small Cucco.

I picked up the ball and started examining it. As I was doing so, the Cucco popped out.

She looked up at me. “Hiya!” She flapped her wings and sat on my right shoulder. “My name’s Lizzy. Nice to meet you.”

Although she was enthralled to meet me, she was less than happy about Mijaru. No matter how nice she acted towards her, Mijaru knew how she felt.

(First catch is a Pidgey named Lizzy. Level 2, Quirky nature, alert to sounds.

Her nature does give her any boosts or drops in stats – learned that the hard way XD I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Guess we’ll find out

Also, first time drawing a Pidgey)
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January 4, 2013
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