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Missing Link 3 - Back to the Lab by IceHeartTheWarrior Missing Link 3 - Back to the Lab by IceHeartTheWarrior
We finally made it to the next area – Viridian City. On the way, Mijaru got stronger. She could now shoot fire out of her mouth. I guess she’s more like a Dodogo crossed with a Dinofos/Lizafos now.

Mijaru told me to go to this place called a Pokemon Center to heal her up. [As I walked in, this girl with pink hair wearing a pink dress greeted me. Next to her was a giant pink ball with a face.] She called herself Nurse Joy. She took Mijaru off my shoulder and took her into the back room.

As I waited by the door, I saw many different people walk in and out with different creatures. Mijaru finally returned and just when I was about to give Nurse Joy some money for her trouble, she told me that all Pokemon Centers are free. I smiled and walked out, thanking her.

I walked into this place called the PokeMart, Mijaru sitting happily on my shoulder. This guy yelled at us when we walked in, asking if we came from Pallet Town. I looked at Mijaru, who nodded.

I walked over to the guy, asking what he wanted. He handed me a box and told me to give it to Professor Oak. When I looked confused, he told me he was the old guy who worked at the lab.

We made out way back to Pallet Town. Mijaru was less than happy to be going back to the lab and I wasn’t much happier. But, it was an objective. It was all we had to go on.

(We made it to Viridian, only to have to go back XD Fun

Mijaru is now level 8 and has learned Ember

Also, This was my first time drawing Joy and Chansey)


Edit: I swear to Din that this was a PNG last time I looked at it...
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January 4, 2013
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